Route 1
Route 1 with events
Route 1
Vital statistics
Type Forest
Level Unknown
Location Runko
Inhabitants 3 NPCs

Route 1 is the first route of Runko and is the first area the player will visit after obtaining the starter Pokémon. Route 1 doesn't have any trainers. Route 1 is also one of the few routes that have different wild Pokémon depending on the time of day.


Encounter type Wild Pokémon
  1. Rattata
  2. Pidgey
  3. Hoothoot
  4. Sentret


  • Pecha Berries (in the middle of the route, next to the sign)
  • 3 Poké Balls from the lady next to the sign
  • Potion (north-east corner)
  • Heart Scale (Hidden) (in front of the man near Mallet Town)
  • Potion (Hidden) (south from the lady next to the sign)
  • Golden Dildo (left from the west ledge in the middle)