There are two regions in PokéUE; the Runko Region and Runkku Islands.

The Runko Region

The Runko Region
Vital statistics
Type Forest
Level Slightly above the sealevel
Location Unknown
Inhabitants ~1000

Runko is the first and the biggest of the main regions of PokéUE and is where the majority of the main game is located: seven out of eight gyms are located in Runko. Runko has ten settlements, ten key areas and over seven places of interest. Runko also has 23 routes. Most of the routes in Runko are surrounded by lots of trees.

List of locations in Runko

Routes Settlements Key Areas Places of Interest
Route 1 Mallet Town Fucksia Woods Oak's Pokémon Lab
Route 2 Fucksia City Cock Tunnel Forest Ruins
Route 3 Anustar City Seamoan Islands Pooter Outfit Shop
Route 4 Verdanturd Town Soul Cavern Pokémon Day Care
Route 5 Pooter City The Dead End Safari Zone
Route 6 Falonia City Team Heroin HQ Game Corner
Route 7 Molestic Town Runko Harbor Dildadon Dept. Store
Route 8 Dildadon City National Park
Route 9 Kaise Town Draco Cave
Sea Route 10 A.S.S. Anne
Route 11
Sea Route 12
Sea Route 13
Route 14
Route 15
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Route 19
Sea Route 20
Route 21
Sea Route 22
Route 23

Runkku Islands

Runkku Islands
Runkku Islands
Vital statistics
Type Islands
Level Above and below sea level
Location Unknown
Inhabitants ~1700

Runkku Island is the second main region in PokéUE. It is where most of the post-game content + Pokémon League is located. Like the name implies, Runkku Islands consists of multiple small islands surrounded by two big chunks of land.

Lists of locations in Runkku Islands

Routes Settlements Key Areas Places of Interest
Chroma Road Chroma City None as of yet Chroma Cave
Olive Town Olive Town Museum