0.4 of Pokémon: Uncensored Edition introduced Game Jolt integration, which includes obtainable trophies and leaderboards. They can be accessed in-game by selecting "Game Jolt" in the pause menu. 

Game Jolt Terminal

The Game Jolt Terminal is located in the pause menu and is used to log in to Game Jolt, check trophy progress and send scores to the leaderboards. 


Currently, there are 45 trophies in the game. Some are still unobtainable, and some are hidden.

Visible Trophies


  1. Join the Community: Send your Trainer Points to the leaderboards.
  2. 'Bite the Dust'Obtain the Boulder Badge.
  3. Get Wet: Obtain the Cascade Badge.
  4. Electric Boogaloo: Obtain the Thunder Badge.
  5. Treehugger: Obtain the Rainbow Badge.
  6. Acid Trip: Obtain the Soul Badge.
  7. Mindfuck: Obtain the Marsh Badge.
  8. A New Challenger: Obtain the Volcano Badge.
  9. SMAAAASH!: Obtain TM Rock Smash.
  10. Welcome to My Domain: Set up your very first Secret Base.


  1. Betrayal: Obtain the Earth Badge.
  2. Treasure Tracker: Obtain 20 Golden Dildos.
  3. Professional Door Expert: Open all 10 Silver Doors.
  4. Poker Face: Reach Rank 3 in the Dildadon Game Corner.
  5. 7.8/10: Obtain HM Dive.
  6. Waterfall Rider: Obtain HM Waterfall.
  7. Bug Catcher: Play 10 Bug Catching Contest games, they are only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  8. Safari Playa: Play 20 Safari Zone games.
  9. Hooked: Spend 12 hours playing Pokémon: Uncensored Edition.
  10. Beat Him At His Own Game: Defeat the developer at Mallet Town.
  11. Oomph, Uugh, Where is it?: Discover 20 different Secret Bases.


  1. Champion: Defeat the Elite Four and become the champion!
  2. Treasure Hunter: Obtain 40 Golden Dildos.
  3. Master Trainer: Obtain 100,000 Trainer Points.
  4. Ûber MLG: Defeat Martin.
  5. Easy Mode Activated: Obtain EXP Share, which you can get either through activating easy mode, OR beating the game on Hard mode which is the recommended route.
  6. Addicted: Spend 24 hours playing Pokémon: Uncensored Edition.
  7. High Roller: Purchase 75 items for your Secret Base.
  8. Balls of Steel: Defeat Steven who has level 50's.
  9. Untouchable: Clear Trainer Tower's Gauntlet Mode in 950 seconds or less.
  10. Savage: Clear Trainer Tower's Hardcore Mode in 250 seconds or less.
  11. Tower Champion: Purchase all seven key items from the Trainer Tower Prize Corner.


  1. Gotta Catch 'Em All: Catch a total of 250 Pokémon and show them to Oak's assistant.
  2. Beta Tester: This is a special platinum trophy for PokéUE beta testers!

Hidden Trophies


  1. D'Aww
  2. Playtime is Ogre
  3. Let it Go
  4. Ghost Ship
  5. Pervert
  6. Cervix Crusader
  7. Thief


  1. Resolution
  2. Ambush

Unobtainable Trophies

  1. (Gold) No Rock Left Unturned: Discover 30 different Secret Bases.
  2. (Platinum) Treasure Hoarder: Obtain all 50 Golden Dildos.


Pokémon: Uncensored Edition has leaderboards for Trainer Points. Scores are sent from the Game Jolt Terminal (accessible from the pause menu). The top 5 scores can also be viewed there.