Fucksia City is the first Town in the game (without counting the starter town).

Actually, you can't do a lot in this Town, the Gym is closed, The Battle House too, you need The Boulder Badge to enter and fight on it (You can get it defeating Brock in Anustar City)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After you defeat Anustar City Gym:

Now you can fight with Misty, the leader of Fucksia City Gym

Before you enter the Gym, Gary will appear. He will start a fight with you:

Gary vs Player


Gary Pidgey lv 12

Squirtle lv 14

After defeat the Leader of Fucksia City Gym, go to the North to Route 4


- If you picked up Charmander like starter Pokemon, after he reach lv 6-8 and learns Ember, you can easily farm going to the top of Fucksia city (Route 4), then and move around the 4 blocks of grass. You will find wild plant pokemons lv 8-11